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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Getting ready to pack up...

  Well I have a couple of projects that are in the studio now awaiting to be finished.  I will soon be finishing those for the people that I have committed to and then I will have to pack up my studio for a couple of months or a few months and move to our next spot. We are working on trying to stay where we are in Southern California for a couple of months to transition our daughter's care from here to home. Wherever that might be.  We just don't know right now.  
  We have had an awesome time here , enjoyed the weather , have been able to do a lot of therapy and treatments which is why we came here two years ago. 
  We are leaving with sadness but know God has a plan for us.  Our reason for leaving is that the home owner of the home we lease needs to sell his rental and with the market right now he can get a good price for it.  We give him our blessing.  So, time to pack up the fan and move on. I am also putting the online shop on vacation as I don't have time to make any more items or new ones and I will be likely selling some of my equipment to make the move easier and less expensive.  
  At this point and time I don't know if we will be staying in the state of California or moving out of the state of California. I just know that by the end of May we will be moved.  
  I may list some of the current items that I have so that I don't have to move them. If so I will do another blog post and add my current online shop to the tabs on the blog. 
  Thank you for following and God bless !

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