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Saturday, January 9, 2010

This quilt belongs to my Natascha.  It was the very first quilt that I designed, a simple patchwork. It was made with quilts, sheets, dresses, and I purchased the lilac and purple fabric new for her. Her favorite color was purple. I wanted an heirloom quilt of her days as a baby and most of the fabrics came from that time. I also made a simple single sham to go with the quilt. The quilt was made for a twin bed, but I like to make my quilts over-sized so they aren't coverlet size.  I quilted this on my home sewing machine. I also cheated on the binding, I used curtain tape for it. It is ruffled and she still loves this quilt. She is older now though and her tastes have definitely changed.

New Year, New Designs

  I love starting a new year its like starting a new design for a fabulous quilt.  Quilts are the fabric of lives.  I started this blog to share some of my textiles that I have completed with friends, family and anyone who wants to stop by.  I have quilted all of my quilts either on a simple sewing machine, short arm quilting machine and I have even hand quilted. I have quilts starting from the very first quilt I made, the really sweet purple and lilac, with print block quilt to the modern block in neutrals, and the very precious hand quilted Childrens quilt that I hand made on trips back and forth to Arkansas Childrens Hospital in Little Rock.  You can read about that story at  It is a wonderful story of faith and perserverance even though the future may look kind of dim at times.  I will be posting a picture of each quilt that I have made along with the story of the quilt.

Every good quilt - has a story!

Enjoy !