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Friday, December 23, 2011

December specials

  Please check out my website at Watkins Naturals products on the above tab and place your order today!  I have been using the Watkins cleaning products for a few years now ever since my daughter was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Disorder.  The products are great, they smell clean, and are safe to use.  The thing I LOVE about Watkins products is that all the ingredients can be found on the labels or on the Watkins web site.  I also love that you don't have to go to the store and deal with the crowded stores you can have it delivered to your home!
 Hope you and your family has a blessed, safe, Holiday season!
God bless you!

Paris Golec

Saturday, November 19, 2011

got a message from another satisfied customer (Xavier from his mom Celeste)

  Thank you Celeste you made my day! I wish that we could all be so content like little Xavier. He is such a handsome little nephew.... and growing so quickly.  I just thought this picture was too precious to pass up without sharing! Urban Organic Studios did make the blankie that little Xavier curled up with, if you would like a blankie for your own child or as a gift please message me. Happy blessings !

Urban Organic Studios

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pumpkin Blueberry Bread

  I was just planning my menu today for next week. There is a bit of chill in the air and there is nothing to make that chill go away like a fresh loaf of bread. Hope you enjoy. I will from time to time put some recipes on the site.

Pumpkin Blueberry Bread

Preheat oven to 350
Grease & flour 2 small loaf pans2 cups flour
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
3/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp ground cloves
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 1/2 tsps nutmeg
Mix all the above ingredients together in a mixer until blended. Gradually add to dry ingredients in mixer:
1/2 cup vegetable oil
2 eggs
1 small can pure pumpkin or squash
3/4 cup water
1/2 cup chopped walnuts
Stir in 3/4 cup fresh or frozen blueberries or other fruit of your choice.
Spread into greased loaf pans & bake 1 hour or until toothpick comes out clean.
Serve with butter or cream cheese.

Monday, September 26, 2011

All things baby

This is a cute baby project that I did on commission not too long ago.  I am also going to show you a gift package that I did for a sweet new friend from Africa that just moved to the states this past year, soon found out she was pregnant, and has since had a beautiful baby boy.  I love doing baby projects. I can also do most of the baby items whether it is a baby coverlet, receiving blankets, bibs, changing pads, onesies I can embroider cute pictures on them or monogram and I use as many natural and organic products as possible.  Please email me if you are interested in doing an order today.  This is the set that was commissioned.

Bib set with sweet baby quilt. This quilt was designed for a boy but really could be used for either girl or boy. 

The next set is the gift set that I gave to my sweet friend for her son.  
 I have most designs that are   

   requested. I always try and have the client to choose something that is unique. This was a gift but I was sort of searching to see what she might like for her son. 

Baby receiving blanket with babies name embroidered on them.  To go with the onesies there are embroidered burp cloths.

sweet little onesies with cotton flannel receiving blanket

Please email me if you have a special order, special request, for your next baby gift...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My new table just in time for the Holidays...

  I wanted a new table, more of a table that was a height for our daughter so she could easily get in and out of her chair with little help.  I love the PB table that is the farmhouse table so I decided to ask my dear husband to help me. We found a plan online at Knock Off Woods blog that was similar to what we wanted and drew out what we wanted. The next few days were spent going to Lowes, Home Depot and buying wood and paint. Between Lowes and Home Depot we got all of our wood, and even had it cut there at the store from our cut list. The table turned out fantastic. We did have to let it sit outdoors to get a bit worn looking and let the paint off-gas (we used low- no VOC primer and paints and it still had odor).  I wanted to share some pictures.

The reason I do this, is that it is time for the Holidays and decorating and Urban Organic
Studios is working in the workshop, overtime! Get your order in today. Please check out our Facebook page and . I am working on getting the cash cart on Facebook and setting up an ETSY homemade shop please think of me and order tell your friends and family when you need a personal home made gift.  God bless. 

P.S. I will be updating later with a cut list for our table as well as step by step instructions if you would like to make your own farmhouse table.

Thanks for visiting :0)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Colors of the Rainbow - in Gourmet Bibs

  I have a dear friend in San Francisco that I met for the first time.  Elizabeth and I have been friends on Facebook for some time now and met through a mutual friend at the time. You see Elizabeth and I have daughters who have physical challenges and special abilities.

  When I met Elizabeth and Becca for the first time we had visited San Francisco to see a Nutritionist for our daughter and while we were there decided to see if we could meet.  The girls were able to play and we were able to talk. Elizabeth had a need for Becca for bibs.  I can relate to this as our children face some challenges, one of those is in the eating arena. That is what we will call it, as it becomes an arena for food everywhere, all over the clothing, the floor and essentially anything in the remote area.

I found out from Elizabeth what she needed and she was so prepared she had a previous bib and I was able to determine what size. We put snaps on the back.  This was a custom bib for Becca with sweet colors like lollipops and hemmed with modern, decorative fabrics, and snaps on the back. I will post some pictures. I am thankful to Becca and her mommy for letting me be a part of making these sweet bibs and also being able to be creative with them as we did some embroidery of Beccas name and butterflies on the bibs for her. It was a blessing !

 Here are the Bibs in the making so you can understand the process. I only had the measurements of the previous bib that Becca was wearing. It was much too small for her. She needed something to cover her and not be able to get food on her clothing.

It started with fun colored towell's, and finding fabric to match for the border.


I wish I could post more these were really cute and fun to make so glad to be a part of making these,  If you have a need and would like some special needs bibs please feel free to email me.  I will send you more information on pricing and sizing requirements and the time required for the bibs.  

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In Loving Memory of my daddy "Buck" Huber ....

In Loving Memory  of my daddy "Buck" Huber
Who Became A Perfect Rose In Heaven 

August 22, 1933- February 6, 1991
 Today August 22 was his birthday
Happy Birthday Daddy!

           Garden In Heaven
There Was A Special Garden In Heaven
Waiting For Someone As Wonderful As You
So, The Master Took Your Hand
And Gave You Eternal Life, Brand New
The Angels, We Can Hear Them Singing
Small Children Are Telling Jesus The News
There Is A New Rose In Heaven
Picked By God, That Precious Rose Is You
It’s Hard For Us To Let You Go
To Realize Your Life On Earth Is Through
But We’re Thankful For All The Memories
Seeds Of Love, Planted In Our Hearts
By A Man Who's Life Was Honest And True!

  My dad was helping me to pack and move one weekend.  He left that night to drive back home about an hour away from my house.  I got finished packing and moving for the night went to my new apartment. I was woken at about 3 am in the morning by the police officers ringing my doorbell. Imagine how stunned I was. I was told that my mom had called the police department and my dad had passed away.  I can't tell you how fast I drove home that night. The memories that ran through my head, the things I wish I could have done to make my dads life easier. He lived a very hard life.  I was told my dad came home, had a bowl of chili, went to climb in bed and fell over getting in bed with my mom.  My baby sister tried to do CPR to revive him. He died February 5th. We buried him on my birthday February 8th. 
  The only regret that I have, is that I never got to ask him, "daddy are you saved?"  It haunts me to this day. I had an older aunt who took care of my dad and his siblings that I talked with one time at a family gathering. It was my dads side of the family.  She told me she had a dream of my daddy, that he was in a white robe, and he was saying he was cold to her.  It was cold and dark she remembers. She asked me "if I knew if dad was saved?" I felt horrible, sick and scared to think he wasn't saved. It still haunts me to this day.  My dad was a good person, didn't know a stranger and would do anything to help anyone.  It didn't matter if they we were wealthy or not, dad had a huge heart.  My mom has said that she and my dad were members of a Southern Baptist church but I don't know what required membership they had. If we went to church when I was a kid, it was with friends or my nana.
  I pray daddy that you knew Jesus, it breaks my heart that I never ask you. It haunts me day and night to think that you tried to take such good care of us and it was so difficult.  I wish things could have been different. If I had known then, what I do now I would have prayed more and would have made sure that you knew what God has in store for us.  
I love you daddy with all my heart, I miss you daddy so much it grieves me that you never got to see my husband, my beautiful girls.  They miss their poppie and don't even know you. 
  Please make sure that if you know God, ask everyone around you, if they know God.  If they don't please take a few minutes to tell them about Him. It is a small sacrifice of time, and effort that we can do. Look what God did for us, He gave His only Son so that our sins have been forgiven and we have eternal life (John 3:16). 
Psalm 27:4 One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple.

  Thank you Lord for you are good all the time... Selah

with love
your daughter of Zion

Saturday, August 13, 2011

more Treasures....

this is where it all begins- an idea can be a piece of furniture that has a design or 
lines that inspire me...

then comes the layout and the colors, where I want texture in the fabric. How many pieces what sizes...
the fabrics being laid out to see how well they compliment each other. Like God using the hands, the feet, to work together as the body of Christ. Once he knits us together its all one piece and serves a purpose.
then it goes to the design board. This is where I can play with the pieces and once cut if I want to change anything.  By this time I have spent many hours designing, determining how large or small I want the pieces.  There are no two quilts that are the same. I always want for them to be different, even if in color or quilting.  
fabric selection is important as well, it makes the quilt !
this just so happened to be a "manly" quilt so it was important for me to try and use vibrant colors, not bland but yet keep that masculine appearance so the owner didn't feel like it was "girly". 
all pieced together- this is the quilt top only next comes adding the batting, the backing and quilting all three layers together.  Then I will add the binding on the outer edges so it looks finished. 
on the machine sewing the top...
the chosen quilting patter- this is the backside of the quilt....
this should have been previous in the fabric selection -oooppssss !
all complete.... this is gorgeous!  I always want to keep all my clients quilts... I really need to make some for my own... 

The finished product!  I really hope that my client enjoys this quilt. This really turned out well it even looks manly..... we will call it 
"Key Limely"  

You can email me or comment on a post if you are interested in purchasing your own "Key Limely" custom quilt.... 

Monday, July 18, 2011

A stitch in time... A Neopolitan quilt....

 The beginning of the sweet creation... I only had a few colors to go by for this quilt. I made this quilt for my dear friend Steve who so graciously asked me about designing a quilt for his family member... I love these cotton fabrics they are so pretty... 

  The next step in the process of this sweet quilt is laying it out and piecing it together .. What Fun to see this transition of color come together.
another view of this sweet quilt, reminds me of the Neopolitan ice cream.  I see Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry....

 all the layers of flavors together and on the machine to be married together... with batting and backing...

 all dressed up ! 

I really loved doing this quilt for my friend Steve. I know he is really picky, SSHHHHH don't say that I said anything... I ended up doing three (3) quilts for him.  They all turned out fantastic he picked the colors, and the style and then let me do my art. Thank you again Steve this was a lot of fun! I hope your family enjoys them for many years to come..

Monday, April 18, 2011

Under construction

  my life, my business, my family

<<<<< is under construction >>>>>>
 I can't wait to share with you photos of the quilts that I have finished and worked on. Here in Southern California I have a new studio, its actually a spare bedroom and part of my "formal dining room" which also doubles as a library.
  Will post pictures soon !!!

Happy constructing of your favorite projects, U.F.O.s and whatever your working on.....

I'll leave you with hanging out with my favorite people today...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas 2010

  What an interesting Christmas for sure.... We prayed, ignored the prayer, watched our daughter have seizures, prayed some more. We moved 1600 miles away to California.  I thought we would be smart and move to a vacation rental, that was smart, but then our daughter did so well with the treatments that we decided we will live here awhile and get more treatments.
  I had a commission of three quilts to make just prior to our decision of moving from a close from since Jr High school.  Thanks Steve! I am going to post some pictures of quilts that just started out for him and ended up being for his sister and daughter.