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Monday, January 7, 2013

New things for 2013

  Happy New Year 2013 to all those out there friends and family... I certainly hope this year is prosperous in all things for you and your family!

  Meanwhile at the studio we will be adding some new things this year. We also will be opening a new online shop.  Yeah! I'll be sure to post the link as soon as everything is set up.  We have had quite a busy year but hopefully things will settle down this year.  We will also likely have a move around May but that shouldn't affect the studio.  The production might slow a tad bit between May and June but hopefully not too much.

  We have decided to add some really sweet jewelry this year to the shop that is the cute creations of my daughter.  I'll be posting pictures of this as well.

Earrings- $7.50

Earrings $7.50

Earrings $7.50

Earrings $7.50

Charm Bracelet (yellow) $15.00

Charm Bracelet (white) $15.00

  I still have a few chef aprons as well as butcher aprons that are in super cute fabrics and prints. You will love these. They are adorable and all cotton.

  I will be adding pillow forms, pillow covers that have invisible zippers, and wonderful cotton and organic cotton throws.

  Also, don't forget about our custom throws, and custom quilts and blankets for your special occasion.

Happy New year,
The team at Urban Organic Studios