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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Blanket of Love

  Here is the update on the pictures that I currently have for The Blanket of Love.  I will also post the final blanket once it is finished.  The last photo that I have it is on the frame and about 70% quilted. I have the quilting to finish as well as the binding.  It won't be long.  I plan to finish this week.  Hope you enjoy! Please support the mission to Haiti and my friend Claire. God bless you!

2010 The blanket of Love

Intro.... My friend Claire a beautiful, talented, sweet, and very giving Claire... at church it was mentioned Claire was making a quilt for Haiti for a missions trip.  My understanding was that Claire was selling the patches, and those who were buying the patches were going to decorate them the Claire was going to pain-stakingly sew each individual one by hand.
  My heart always goes out with a crisis alert, disaster alert, a need and it did that very thing with the people of Haiti.  I didn't know Claire but I searched who she was I felt God tugging my heart to say that I had been given a gift, sewing, quilting, and I have machines and toys to help me with those things. I felt I needed to be summoned to help her. I spoke with Claire and learned what a very special person is. I was blessed to be such a small part of what she is doing for this mission.  I told her that I wanted to purchase a patch and that I would help to place the patches together then we can quilt them.
  Claire and I worked on the patches and have them all sewn together . (I'll post pictures of the progress that is made thus far).
  I encourage you please pull up The Blanket of Love on Facebook and ask Claire how you can sponsor her for her November trip to Haiti. I can not tell you the passion that she has for this project to help others and it shows in her daily life. It is just incredible.
  I will post pictures so that you can see our progress so far we have gotten so many posts on this and I encourage you to be a part of such of the love of God giving to His people of Haiti in return I believe you will be blessed!
God bless you
In His service,
Paris (The Urban Chic for Urban Organic Studios)