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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

out of the office...

  I have been out of the office for a few weeks now and am in sunny California to get medical treatment for our child.   I will be posting soon though on three really awesome quilts that I have commissioned.  I will be doing the quilts at a special cost for Christmas and to help with the medical care for my child.  If you are interested in having a quilt commissioned with me please email and let me know.
  Thank you for your patience and understanding...

the Urban Chic.....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Blanket of Love

  Here is the update on the pictures that I currently have for The Blanket of Love.  I will also post the final blanket once it is finished.  The last photo that I have it is on the frame and about 70% quilted. I have the quilting to finish as well as the binding.  It won't be long.  I plan to finish this week.  Hope you enjoy! Please support the mission to Haiti and my friend Claire. God bless you!

2010 The blanket of Love

Intro.... My friend Claire a beautiful, talented, sweet, and very giving Claire... at church it was mentioned Claire was making a quilt for Haiti for a missions trip.  My understanding was that Claire was selling the patches, and those who were buying the patches were going to decorate them the Claire was going to pain-stakingly sew each individual one by hand.
  My heart always goes out with a crisis alert, disaster alert, a need and it did that very thing with the people of Haiti.  I didn't know Claire but I searched who she was I felt God tugging my heart to say that I had been given a gift, sewing, quilting, and I have machines and toys to help me with those things. I felt I needed to be summoned to help her. I spoke with Claire and learned what a very special person is. I was blessed to be such a small part of what she is doing for this mission.  I told her that I wanted to purchase a patch and that I would help to place the patches together then we can quilt them.
  Claire and I worked on the patches and have them all sewn together . (I'll post pictures of the progress that is made thus far).
  I encourage you please pull up The Blanket of Love on Facebook and ask Claire how you can sponsor her for her November trip to Haiti. I can not tell you the passion that she has for this project to help others and it shows in her daily life. It is just incredible.
  I will post pictures so that you can see our progress so far we have gotten so many posts on this and I encourage you to be a part of such of the love of God giving to His people of Haiti in return I believe you will be blessed!
God bless you
In His service,
Paris (The Urban Chic for Urban Organic Studios)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Studio- whoo hoo

 we are going to buy a farm and I can't wait. It might take a year but I am going to have the most awesome studio that I can't even imagine. It is so God inspired and God given I am so thankful ! I won't be able to get it done soon enough.  I will be designing it, and then we will likely be doing a lot of the work ourselves to renovate this beautiful barn into a 2 or 3 room en-suite rooms in the studio barn with an office. I will be able to offer workshops and classes through out the year.
 I will be posting progress as we go and taking pictures so that we have a book of our progress and it will be so awesome! 
 We haven't purchased the farm yet but should be able to in the next month, hopefully sooner. This is so exciting. I will still be making items, it will likely be geared more toward the holidays though until we can get settled. I have a few commissioned items now to finish and will still take commission items but won't be able to finish them likely until the August or September depending on how soon we can move to the new farm. I'll send some pictures of my latest Spring swirl quilt it is adorable. I have one oversized spring swirl coverlette crib sized or toddler bed sized. Very sweet !

Saturday, January 9, 2010

This quilt belongs to my Natascha.  It was the very first quilt that I designed, a simple patchwork. It was made with quilts, sheets, dresses, and I purchased the lilac and purple fabric new for her. Her favorite color was purple. I wanted an heirloom quilt of her days as a baby and most of the fabrics came from that time. I also made a simple single sham to go with the quilt. The quilt was made for a twin bed, but I like to make my quilts over-sized so they aren't coverlet size.  I quilted this on my home sewing machine. I also cheated on the binding, I used curtain tape for it. It is ruffled and she still loves this quilt. She is older now though and her tastes have definitely changed.

New Year, New Designs

  I love starting a new year its like starting a new design for a fabulous quilt.  Quilts are the fabric of lives.  I started this blog to share some of my textiles that I have completed with friends, family and anyone who wants to stop by.  I have quilted all of my quilts either on a simple sewing machine, short arm quilting machine and I have even hand quilted. I have quilts starting from the very first quilt I made, the really sweet purple and lilac, with print block quilt to the modern block in neutrals, and the very precious hand quilted Childrens quilt that I hand made on trips back and forth to Arkansas Childrens Hospital in Little Rock.  You can read about that story at  It is a wonderful story of faith and perserverance even though the future may look kind of dim at times.  I will be posting a picture of each quilt that I have made along with the story of the quilt.

Every good quilt - has a story!

Enjoy !