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Saturday, September 24, 2011

My new table just in time for the Holidays...

  I wanted a new table, more of a table that was a height for our daughter so she could easily get in and out of her chair with little help.  I love the PB table that is the farmhouse table so I decided to ask my dear husband to help me. We found a plan online at Knock Off Woods blog that was similar to what we wanted and drew out what we wanted. The next few days were spent going to Lowes, Home Depot and buying wood and paint. Between Lowes and Home Depot we got all of our wood, and even had it cut there at the store from our cut list. The table turned out fantastic. We did have to let it sit outdoors to get a bit worn looking and let the paint off-gas (we used low- no VOC primer and paints and it still had odor).  I wanted to share some pictures.

The reason I do this, is that it is time for the Holidays and decorating and Urban Organic
Studios is working in the workshop, overtime! Get your order in today. Please check out our Facebook page and . I am working on getting the cash cart on Facebook and setting up an ETSY homemade shop please think of me and order tell your friends and family when you need a personal home made gift.  God bless. 

P.S. I will be updating later with a cut list for our table as well as step by step instructions if you would like to make your own farmhouse table.

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