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Monday, September 26, 2011

All things baby

This is a cute baby project that I did on commission not too long ago.  I am also going to show you a gift package that I did for a sweet new friend from Africa that just moved to the states this past year, soon found out she was pregnant, and has since had a beautiful baby boy.  I love doing baby projects. I can also do most of the baby items whether it is a baby coverlet, receiving blankets, bibs, changing pads, onesies I can embroider cute pictures on them or monogram and I use as many natural and organic products as possible.  Please email me if you are interested in doing an order today.  This is the set that was commissioned.

Bib set with sweet baby quilt. This quilt was designed for a boy but really could be used for either girl or boy. 

The next set is the gift set that I gave to my sweet friend for her son.  
 I have most designs that are   

   requested. I always try and have the client to choose something that is unique. This was a gift but I was sort of searching to see what she might like for her son. 

Baby receiving blanket with babies name embroidered on them.  To go with the onesies there are embroidered burp cloths.

sweet little onesies with cotton flannel receiving blanket

Please email me if you have a special order, special request, for your next baby gift...

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