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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Colors of the Rainbow - in Gourmet Bibs

  I have a dear friend in San Francisco that I met for the first time.  Elizabeth and I have been friends on Facebook for some time now and met through a mutual friend at the time. You see Elizabeth and I have daughters who have physical challenges and special abilities.

  When I met Elizabeth and Becca for the first time we had visited San Francisco to see a Nutritionist for our daughter and while we were there decided to see if we could meet.  The girls were able to play and we were able to talk. Elizabeth had a need for Becca for bibs.  I can relate to this as our children face some challenges, one of those is in the eating arena. That is what we will call it, as it becomes an arena for food everywhere, all over the clothing, the floor and essentially anything in the remote area.

I found out from Elizabeth what she needed and she was so prepared she had a previous bib and I was able to determine what size. We put snaps on the back.  This was a custom bib for Becca with sweet colors like lollipops and hemmed with modern, decorative fabrics, and snaps on the back. I will post some pictures. I am thankful to Becca and her mommy for letting me be a part of making these sweet bibs and also being able to be creative with them as we did some embroidery of Beccas name and butterflies on the bibs for her. It was a blessing !

 Here are the Bibs in the making so you can understand the process. I only had the measurements of the previous bib that Becca was wearing. It was much too small for her. She needed something to cover her and not be able to get food on her clothing.

It started with fun colored towell's, and finding fabric to match for the border.


I wish I could post more these were really cute and fun to make so glad to be a part of making these,  If you have a need and would like some special needs bibs please feel free to email me.  I will send you more information on pricing and sizing requirements and the time required for the bibs.  

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