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Saturday, August 13, 2011

more Treasures....

this is where it all begins- an idea can be a piece of furniture that has a design or 
lines that inspire me...

then comes the layout and the colors, where I want texture in the fabric. How many pieces what sizes...
the fabrics being laid out to see how well they compliment each other. Like God using the hands, the feet, to work together as the body of Christ. Once he knits us together its all one piece and serves a purpose.
then it goes to the design board. This is where I can play with the pieces and once cut if I want to change anything.  By this time I have spent many hours designing, determining how large or small I want the pieces.  There are no two quilts that are the same. I always want for them to be different, even if in color or quilting.  
fabric selection is important as well, it makes the quilt !
this just so happened to be a "manly" quilt so it was important for me to try and use vibrant colors, not bland but yet keep that masculine appearance so the owner didn't feel like it was "girly". 
all pieced together- this is the quilt top only next comes adding the batting, the backing and quilting all three layers together.  Then I will add the binding on the outer edges so it looks finished. 
on the machine sewing the top...
the chosen quilting patter- this is the backside of the quilt....
this should have been previous in the fabric selection -oooppssss !
all complete.... this is gorgeous!  I always want to keep all my clients quilts... I really need to make some for my own... 

The finished product!  I really hope that my client enjoys this quilt. This really turned out well it even looks manly..... we will call it 
"Key Limely"  

You can email me or comment on a post if you are interested in purchasing your own "Key Limely" custom quilt.... 


  1. Hi - I love all these spring colors. I need to get something high end for my cousin's first child. They live in NYC and he's a writer for NBC. She's due on Wednesday. Love you.

  2. Elizabeth, Thanks so much! I would love to do something for you. We can personalize as much or as little as you like. Some of my most popular items are sets with modern quilt, receiving blankets, bib assortment, and onesies with burp cloths all to match. Just send me a list of what you would like and I will be happy to send you a quote and let you know how soon I can get it to you! Thanks for being a loyal customer- much love ~